cerebrallotuslibrary asked:

Lately, I've been having this issue where it feels like everything I'm writing isn't good enough. I'm not certain where this lack of confidence came from, but it's been hanging over my head. Do you have any advice for a situation like this and have you had to deal with something similar before?

maxkirin answered:

Hello there!

Yeah, this sounds very familiar, indeed. Now, in order to explain to you how I fixed this problem I have to ask you a very hard question:

  • Who are you trying to impress?

I’m actually right now working on a side project. It’s basically a fanfic about a game I like. I know a lot of people who would be excited to read it, and others who no matter what I do will hate it.

The issue emerges when I’m the middle of the writing process and I stop— because I become self-conscious that what I just wrote may be fodder for those who don’t like me, and an insult to those who’re looking forward to reading the story.

I get this every once in a while, but the solution is just the same.

There’s this guy who makes games, his name is Edmund McMillen. I caught an interview he did for Roguelike Radio a few years back. Edmund came under a lot of criticism because of the art style he used for his game The Binding of Isaac. He explained during the interview that while he was working on the project he kept doubting himself, because he thought people would judge him for creating a game with such a gruesome style. But, he explained, that over time he has come to recognize that feeling as his fear of being different— and has made it his mission to always go against it.

Are you afraid people will judge you? Are you afraid people won’t like what you write? Your fear probably has nothing to do with your actual writing. You’re afraid because you’re creating something out of the norm.

Go against that fear. That which makes you doubt is your voice. Your style. If you think people won’t like your writing because it’s out of the usual— it may end up being the very same reason why people fall in love with it.

You want to know how I overcome this fear? I just keep writing. People will judge me regardless of what I do— so I choose instead to have fun with my writing, and to write with the voice that is uniquely mine.

You have a voice too. Don’t be afraid to use it. Write with it. Create with it. This is the one thing no one else but you will ever have.

And, finally, if you’re still afraid that the ‘normal’ people won’t like you. Remember what you do— you take phantom voices and forge them into words. Craft characters from your imagination and see them roam around impossible worlds.

Dear Writer, The ‘normal’ ship sailed without you a long time ago.


Prompt Set #45


This prompt set can serve for your inspiration directly or as an askbox meme :)

  1. character is give love potion
  2. character is given truth serum
  3. character is give poison
  4. character is given an experimental drug
  5. character is given a super-soldier serum
  6. character is given something they’re allergic to
  7. character is given a serum that enhances senses
  8. character is given a potion that removes inhibition
  9. character is given placebo
  10. character is given a potion that turns them into an animal

Okay let’s try this as an askbox meme. Gimme a number an I’ll randomly choose a muse.

Her ink-stained hands trembled.

What had she done? In the blink of an eye, what had once been fiction had become reality, bound into the universe by a single book.

This book was, in essence, the most terrifying arcane device. It brought fears into the waking world.

It was the Black Book.

And she had just written her tale in it.

She screamed, stumbling from the room as she heard the mumbles of the antagonist she had given rise to.

Her friend caught her, but she looked into his eyes and, clear as crystal, fearfully whispered,